Honeybourne was originally two separate villages; Cow Honeybourne and Church Honeybourne. The former alledgedly got its name based on the large number of cows nearby. Church Honeybourne was presumably named for its 13th century church. Honeybourne has been a single village since 1953.

The name “Honeybourne” is derived from Huniburn, which is how the village appeared in the Doomsday book. Huniburn itself means “the stream on the banks where honey is gathered”.

The two villages were in separate counties (Worcestershire and Gloucestershire respectively) until about 1931. They were separated by the Roman road Rycknield Street. It is likely that this road is now occupied by Station Road and Weston Road. The original Roman road is thought to have stretched from Bourton-on-the-Water all of the way up to South Yorkshire.