Broadband Update – September 2011

It’s been a while since the Honeybourne Broadband Campaign was launched on this website. Since that time residents have voted overwhelmingly in our poll to say that they believe broadband speeds in the village are too slow. A number of residents have also participated in our Speedtest to measure the average broadband speed in the village. The results at the time of writing are below:

This is great, it backs up the opinions lodged in the poll. But it’s not enough to convince central government to hand over funds to improve the broadband infrastructure in the area. The good news though is that it’s not difficult to get want we need.

And what is it that we need you may ask? Well…

  • Lots of speedtest results. Please keep taking the speedtest. Do it at different times of the day and on different days. The more results, the better!
  • Residential users, send some more detailed feedback. What do you use the internet for? What would you like to use if for if it were faster and more reliable? What problems do you have? Use the Contact page to send details.
  • Business / Commercial users, what do you use your broadband connection for? How does the current speed affect your business? How could an improved speed benefit your business? Use the Contact page to send details.

Very shortly Worcestershire County Council will be applying to the government for funding. The more information that we have ready, the better chance we have of achieving a change.


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