“Bonkers” planning application granted on appeal

A planning application to build 15 more new homes in Honeybourne has been granted following an appeal made to the Planning Inspectorate.

The site, to the rear of the High Street, had originally been turned down and the proposed scheme has been described as “Bonkers” since it falls within a flood zone. The appeal decision, which can be viewed online, includes the following paragraph related to the inspectorate’s assessment of the flood risk to the site:

The proposed dwellings would be built within the part of the appeal site that
falls within Flood Zone 11. However, the proposed new access road would be
within Flood Zone 3. The main parties agree that flooding occurs near Gate Inn
Brook at least once a year. The appellants’ flood risk assessment found that a
significant contributory factor to the ‘pooling’ of floodwaters is the elevated
walkway on the western side of the crossroads leading from High Street to
Station Road. The proposed access road to the appeal site would necessitate
the removal of this elevated walkway. Modelling has taken place to analyse
the effects of this and it shows that the flood waters would flow onto open,
vacant land to the north of the appeal site. It also predicts that the proposals
would result in at least 2 existing properties on High Street being removed
from Flood Zone 3. The modelling and findings have been reviewed by the
Environment Agency and they agree with the predictions.

Interestingly, the Inspector failed to note that the almost unprecedented rainfall in recent months has failed to produce significant flooding within the village. And this with the footpath still in place. Perhaps the clearing of the drains under the road last year might have helped…

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2 thoughts on ““Bonkers” planning application granted on appeal

  1. What drains have been cleared? surely if that is the case all the more reason for the develeopment. Looking at the photo attached when the access to the site have been put in that sight will be thing of the past. it will also beneift all villagers allowing them to drive to one part of the village to the other.

    1. If the raised walkway is contributing to the flood issue, then surely just getting rid of it would solve the problem. It doesn’t require the building of 15 homes as well.

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